Wildfire season heats up… do you have a firesmart plan?

If you live in or near a forested region of your province or state,
sooner or later you may have to contend with the spread of a wildfire.
The best protection against

loss, damage or injury due to wildfire is prevention.

FireSmart Plan

What is your Firesmart Plan?

Did you know that adding COLD FIRE and/or a FIRE BLOCK to your Firesmart plan will provide extra protection to your business, home and property from wildfires?

We can provide you with our COLD FIRE and/or FIRE BLOCK Homeowner’s Protection package; all you need is a pump system for the hose and our product. COLD FIRE suppresses fire and removes the heat source, FIRE BLOCK retards fire. Soak your roof, outbuildings and flamables with FIRE BLOCK and protect these items from heat sources.

COLD FIRE; a cleaner, greener, extremely effective solution to either water alone or Aqueous Film-Forming Foams or chemical extinguishers.

Unlike AFFF’ S or chemical agents; Cold Fire is 100% bio-degradable and uses less water and resources to take the heat out of fires and prevent re-ignition. Cold Fire is a multi-purpose fire suppressing agent that has tremendous benefits; completely ‘green’ and non-toxic, Cold Fire puts out Class A, B, D & K fires, hydrocarbons or polar solvents, metals, tires and asphalt fires.

With everything from 5, 55 and 275 gallon containers for fire departments to 13 oz spray cans for individual use, Cold Fire will extinguish a fire quicker and cleaner than other extinguishers.

Cold Fire’s most significant Benefit?- Saving Lives

There are also financial benefits to using Cold Fire;

Cost savings: with Cold Fire, responders use less water and have less impact on the environment (less clean up damage, less clean-up time).

Reduced Labour Cost: fires are put out 10 times faster and with less manpower; saving departments $$’s as well as putting people at less risk.