Fire Block – Fire Retardant

Fire Block™ – Fire Retardant

Fire Block™ is a specially formulated, environmentally friendly product which is used to retard fire in all Class A materials. It forms a thermal insulation barrier that prevents dangerous flames from spreading. Fire Block™ also inhibits the development of toxic hydrocarbon smoke.

For added safety against fire, Fire Block™ is used to treat Class A materials and surfaces such as uniforms, clothing, wood, pre-construction materials, furnishings, carpeting, packing materials, motor home interiors, holiday decorations and storage boxes.

Fire Block MSDS      Fire Block Product Sheet (pdf 3.8mb)

“ Cold Fire™ is the future of fire suppression, giving trained personnel offensive options not previously considered. Re-equipping the suppression tool box with a combination of firefighter safety and offensive tactics allows attack teams a new level of confidence, with the adaptability to almost every fire emergency. ”

Deputy Chief Bob Simpson
Nanaimo Fire & Rescue


  • Fire Block™ is easy to use. Just spray Fire Block™ on the item or surface being treated. In bulk applications you may also dip the item to be treated and allow it to drip dry.
  • Allow Fire Block™ to completely penetrate the item or surface. Allow the material to dry completely.
  • If you are using Fire Block™ to fire retard clothing, fabrics, etc. and plan to wash these items, it is recommended that Fire Block™ be reapplied after the third washing, as some of the product’s effectiveness will be diminished due to washing.
  • For best results when mixing Fire Block™ with latex paint, mix an equal amount of Fire Block with an equal amount of paint.

Technical Information

Fire Block™ fire retardant was tested in accordance with NFPA 255 and ASTM-E84 Test for Flame Spread and Smoke Development Values by SGS US Testing for Class A (wood, paper, furnishings etc.) materials. 2011 Approved NFPA 701.

Test Results are as follows:

Test Specimen: Fire Block Retardant Rating Classification
Flame Spread Index: 15 0-25
Smoke Developed Value: 25 0-450

Since Fire Block™ falls into accordance with the rating classification shown above, it is considered an acceptable fire retardant product in accordance with NFPA 255.

Fire Block™ has performed complete DOT corrosion testing an the results are as follows:
Corrosion Rate

mm/yr. in./yr.
Aluminum: <0.01; 0.01 <0.001; <0.001
Steel: <0.06; 0.07 0.002; 0.003

Per 49 CFR 173.137 (c) (2) a liquid is considered to have a severe corrosion rate if its corrosion rate exceeds 6.25mm (0.246 inches) a year on steel (SAE 1020) or aluminum (non-class 7075T-6) at a test temperature of 55C (131F).


Fire Block™ is available in a convenient 32 ounce pump spray (12 bottles/case) or can be purchased in 5 and 55 gallon drum quantities for bulk applications. No mixing is required.

Fire Block™ is considered to be non-toxic. Toxicity information is available on request.