Police Use Cold Fire to Save Man from Burning to Death in Traffic Accident

” You can clearly see burned brush near the drivers side of the door,
flames were heading right towards the trapped man when extinguished”.

Shawnee, Kansas, September 2012

According to Sgt. Philip Burger, Shawnee Police Department

“An SUV was southbound on I435 at Johnson Dr. and decided to exit onto Johnson Drive. The vehicle was traveling way too fast and was not able to negotiate the turn. The car left the roadway, went airborne and flipped. The driver was ejected from the vehicle…here comes the miraculous part. The driver was thrown ahead of the vehicle, and the vehicle was behind him in the air. The driver landed on his back and the car landed on its wheels on top of him. Just so you know when you look at the pictures, the driver was alive and was conscious the entire time. The only injury he sustained was a broken collar bone…that’s it.

Officers arrived on the scene and found that the grass underneath the front of the vehicle was on fire. The first officer started to spray the victim with Cold Fire in an attempt to insulate him from the flames.

A second officer arrived shortly afterward and put the grass fire out. The fire did spread to the vehicle. A total of three 1.5 gallon Cold Fire extinguishers were used at the scene.

As you will see in the pictures the man is trapped beneath the car; his head is at the driver”s side rear tire and his feet are by the passenger side rear tires. When you look at the man’s face it looks as though he is sweating, but that is not the case, it is the Cold Fire on his face as well as his pants. (There is actually Cold Fire dripping off of the bottom of the car).

I was standing right behind the officer who was spraying the man down. He told him over and over that the Cold Fire being sprayed on him would not hurt him in any way and would help protect his skin from the fire.

You will also notice in the pictures that there is a fire hose laying on the ground by the car…that hose was never used to my knowledge.

I know I am a little biased since I was there, but I don’t think there could be a better advertisement for Cold Fire than this one. I know, I have a 13.5 ounce can in each of my own personal vehicles.”