Fire Departments

Fire Departments trust Cold Fire™Fire Suppressant from Cold Fire
for fast, effective fire suppression.

It goes without saying that people place tremendous trust in Fire Departments; not only educate us to be prepared against a fire, but more importantly, to respond when fires happen. Unfortunately, there are times when the unexpected happens, and a fire erupts. We trust that Fire Professionals are equipped to handle those difficult situations with trusted solutions.

Cold Fire™ is an environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agent that puts out ANY fire faster, safer, with less water, less damage to property and less risk to firefighters.

Cold Fire™ cools 21 times faster than water, and works to remove heat and fuel sources from the fire tetrahedron, therefore preventing re-ignition. VIEW VIDEO

Cold Fire Tactical is the exclusive distributor of the Cold Fire™ line of fire suppression products to Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS agencies.
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Fire Suppressant from Cold Fire

“Cold Fire™ is the future of fire suppression, giving trained personnel offensive options not previously considered. Re-equipping the suppression tool box with a combination of firefighter safety and offensive tactics allows attack teams a new level of confidence, with the adaptability to almost every fire emergency.”

Deputy Chief Bob Simpson
Nanaimo Fire & Rescue