Eco-Friendly Fire Extinguishers – Keeping Your Home or Business Safe

Keep Safe with Eco-Friendly Fire Prevention

Are you prepared for emergencies, like a kitchen fire or a disaster at your place of business? Does your emergency plan include the proper way to give information to a 911 operator? If you don’t have an emergency plan, then it’s like planning to fail those who live in your home or work in your business location.

If safety and fire prevention are priorities in your home or business, then you’ll want to invest 20 minutes in this edition of Spotlight on Business. Listen as your host, Eric Reynolds, interviews Grant Pearson from Cold Fire Canada about the ULC certified fire suppressant products he sells in White Rock, BC. Unlike dry chemical suppressants, these products are made from non-toxic, plant-based ingredients.

Certification is highly recommended by organizations like Fire Prevention Canada, and you can be sure that Cold Fire products meet these high standards of quality.

Avoid Disaster with a Fire Prevention Plan

This episode kicks off with Grant sharing some background information about his family and what led them to putting down roots in White rock. Attracted to the sun-swept area, his family moved to the area in 1996 and has enjoyed living near the ocean since. He then segues about how he first learned about Cold Fire, and what led him to start promoting the company’s products.

As Grant explains, he has a background in law enforcement and military. Then he went into sales and training. It was while training with one of these organizations that he saw Cold Fire products in use and gained firsthand knowledge about their amazing abilities. Listen as he explains which incident in particular was the deciding factor that led him to widening the market for Cold Fire products for a broad range of situations.

If you still rely on dry chemical or foam extinguishers, then you’re missing out on an eco-friendly alternative that’s safe and economical.

Importing Cold Fire to Canada from the United States

Next Grant explains about how impressed he was watching military and law enforcement use Cold Fire products, and he knew he had to get the exclusive rights to distribute these amazing eco-friendly products in all their various forms. During the podcast he also answers these questions:

  • Are Cold Fire products safe to use in residential homes?
  • What products does Cold Fire offer to consumers?
  • Do Cold Fire products prevent rekindling of fires?
  • Who can benefit from using these types of products?
  • Are Cold Fire products better for some situations than others?

Grant goes on to explain that it doesn’t matter if you work in a public service industry like firefighting or law enforcement or if you are a homeowner or small business owner wanting to increase your level of fire prevention, everyone can benefit from Cold Fire products.

Cold Fire Takes Fire Prevention to a New Level

The time during the Stanley Cup Riot in Vancouver was frightening for many, and one of the popular activities of rioters was to set fire to automobiles and other locations. Grant explains how Cold Fire products saved the day when firefighters were unable to reach fire locations with their apparatus, and which moment he realized the true potential of these products.

While fire extinguishers filled with dry chemical ingredients can extinguish flames, they cannot prevent rekindling. Grant explains all the different ways that firefighters and law enforcement are using Cold Fire products to take fire prevention to a whole new level.

Finally Grant wraps up the episode with an example of how a deputy police chief in White Rock saved his home from major disaster with Cold Fire products. As this was during the time that the local fire department was converting to Cold Fire products from ones that used foam, the incident was a credible example that these products live up to their reputation.

Despite their popularity with firefighters and police officers, anyone can purchase Cold Fire products. Grant explains how some organizations use the products to raise money for charities, like the Children’s Burn Fund.

Making Fire Prevention a Top Priority

Are you interested in bringing Cold Fire products to your public service organization? Could the fire prevention plan for your home or small business benefit from use of Cold Fire products?

Tune in now to listen to this entire edition of Spotlight on Business to hear everything Grant has to say about Cold Fire Canada. And if you have questions, thoughts, or stories to share after the episode, we’d love for you to hear from you.