A Few Fast Facts
about Cold Fire Canada Ltd.

  • Exclusive Canadian Distributor
  • Federally incorporated company designed to market an organic line of products
  • Backed with leading industry certification
  • Committed to first responder professionals, all industries and the general public
  • Driven by a passion for environmentally safe products
  • our mandate is to protect lives and property in an environmentally friendly way and ensure that “EVERYONE GOES HOME SAFE”

Cold Fire Canada Specialized Services

Fire Suppression: Working hand in hand with first responders nation wide has been a key part in figuring out the best methods of deploying and applying our life saving wetting agent. COLD FIRE™ is an organic, fluorine free fire suppressant that puts fires out rapidly by removing heat. 100% organic and biodegradable, COLD FIRE™ is safe for both the user and the environment. Effective on class A,B,D and K fires.

**Filled / charged extinguishers unavailable in Alberta.

Over the years Cold Fire Canada Ltd. has outfitted many RCMP detachments across the country with 1.5 gallon COLD FIRE™ extinguishers mounted in the trunks of their police cars; they have also purchased 12 and 20 oz tactical cans. This was an obvious call to action by the RCMP to enable the maximum ability to protect the public.

Although COLD FIRE™ will be the leading fire suppression tool for fire and police, it will also become the most common safety feature in every kitchen, vehicle, boat, RV and home.

Flame Retardation: FIRE BLOCK™ meets NFPA 701 guidelines, UL standards, and is completely organic. This safe and easy to use product can be applied to any porous materials such as wood, furnishings, drapes, curtains, tents, coveralls, table cloths etc. FIRE BLOCK™ can even be mixed 1:1 with latex paint!

Our promise is to provide environmentally safe, leading edge products and service that goes beyond your expectations.

Cold Fire Canada

Cold Fire™ is fully certified

  • Classified Wetting Agent
  • Meets ANSI/NFPA 18 Standards
  • EPA – SNAP listed (Significantly New Alternatives Policy)
  • Will extinguish Class A, B, D & K fires as well as flammable metals and grease fires
  • Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) rating of 0,0,0 – the same as water
  • 100% soluble in water
  • Extinguishes fires (even oil and alcohol-based fires) quickly and on contact
  • Effective on oil well and tanker fires, tire fires, fuel/ethanol fires, grass, brush/forest fires and metal fires (including magnesium and aluminum)
  • Cold Fire™ is ONE agent that can replace SEVERAL products – Class A, A/B, 3-6%, AFFF & AR-AFFF


Underwriters Laboratories Listing

  • Classified Wetting Agent
  • Tested in accordance with NFPA 18 Standard for Wetting Agents

Environmental Protection Agency

  • Cold Fire™ has been listed on the United States EPA’s SNAP Program Vendor List. This list contains products that are considered acceptable alternatives for toxic products on the market today
  • Cold Fire™ has been classified by the US EPA under “Surfactant Blend A”
  • Cold Fire™ is listed by the US EPA under this program as a substitute for Halon 1211