use Cold Fire on workplace fires

use Cold Fire on workplace fires

The Manufacturing Industry and Manufacturers trust
Cold Fire™ for workplace fires.

Fire Suppressant from Cold Fire

Work spaces are often potentially dangerous places. Manufactures are dedicated to reducing risk and injury to employees and workers. Safety committees are usually tasked with mitigating injury and deaths on worksites. Unfortunately, there are times when the unexpected happens, and a fire erupts. True professionals are equipped to handle those difficult situations with trusted solution.

Cold Fire™ is an environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agent that puts out ANY fire faster, safer, with less water, less damage to property and less risk to workers.

Cold Fire™ cools 21 times faster than water, and works to remove heat and fuel sources from the fire tetrahedron, therefore preventing re-ignition. VIEW VIDEO

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“Thank you so very much for your willingness to attend our annual fire school and demonstrate Cold Fire™. The participants were extremely impressed with the quick knock down and rapid cooling abilities of this revolutionary product.”

– Jeff Cooper
Fire Chief, Michelin Tire Manufacturing