Arm yourself and your team with effective and environmentally friendly fire fighting products from Cold Fire Canada for quick, trusted & ULC certified fire suppressants.



The holiday season is approaching, which means christmas trees, candles, additional lights and a much higher risk of fire in the home. Is your family prepared?


  • Cold Fire cans make thoughtful and practical stocking stuffers
  • Fast, effective, and extremely easy to use
  • Easy to clean up and will not cause added damage once the fire is out
  • Cold Fire is completely organic and bio-degradable
  • Purchase is easy through our online store!


stocking small“A couple of days ago I was testing out a new gas stove I had bought to take to a cooking class. I inserted a butane cylinder and struck a match to light it; to my utter dismay the whole thing burst into flames! The cylinder fit into the cavity easily, but perhaps was the wrong type. The stove was on my kitchen counter and it was so traumatic to watch the flames going higher as the butane liquid spreading all over the counter. Luckily my husband was standing by, and ran to get the regular fire extinguisher. But before we could figure out how to operate the fire extinguisher, I luckily thought of the can of Cold Fire I had purchased from you. I just opened the cap and started spraying – it was so easy to operate, just like a can of hair spray – and thank goodness the flames died down immediately! We did not have to dial 911! I want to thank you and your husband profusely for providing such a wonderful product that can save people’s lives and homes. Cold Fire was definitely a blessing!” With gratitude – J. Aroon


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Fire Suppressant from Cold Fire

A new, organic way to effectively suppress large & small fires.

Welcome to Cold Fire Canada Ltd. the exclusive Canadian distributor of Firefreeze Worldwide Inc., maker of environmentally safe products. Our top selling product is Cold Fire™, a totally organic fire suppression wetting agent that takes the heat out of fire. Cold Fire™ can save your life and your property. From 275 gallon containers for fire departments to 13.5 oz spray canisters for your kitchen, car, boat or RV, Cold Fire™ will extinguish a fire quicker and cleaner than any other extinguisher.
Fire Suppressant from Cold Fire

  • U.S. Forest Service approved agent for wildfire applications
  • UL Listed Agent for Class A and B fires
  • Considered an acceptable non-toxic substitute to toxic foams and Halon

Other products from Cold Fire Canada

Fire Block™ – Fire Retardant

Fire Block™ is a specially formulated, environmentally friendly product used to retard fire in all Class A materials, by forming a thermal insulation barrier that prevents dangerous flames from spreading.

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Odor Seal™ – Odor Elimination

Odor Seal™ gets rid of the toughest odors quickly, safely, and effectively. Odor Seal™ works by encapsulating the odor, rather than masking it with fragrances or perfumes.

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Motor MAX™ – MPG Booster & Coolant

Motor MAX™ is the amazing green solution to high gas prices and engine wear. It works as a radiator super coolant to improve the fuel economy for gas and diesel engines.

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